What kind of switch socket is used in the building?


Recently many customer consults the building way commonly used what switch socket, with what kind of switch socket is the most energy conservation environmental protection?

Actually this problem in the early days of the switch socket manufacturers have to find a way to solve the problems in the product research and development, such as our previous common voice control lamp, acoustic control light is with sound as light \\ \"\\\" switch instructions, when a voice control lamp switch socket is connected. But the noise may also light up the light .Now most of us use the human body induction switch socket, it can sense the human body movement, is a kind of passive detector, by detecting the brightness of the surrounding environment and human body movement (temperature) and the automatic control of lamps and lanterns, quiet and not disturb others rest, someone moving detection range, the switch is opened, after people leave the detection range, switch delay a few seconds after go out, thus greatly facilitate the controlling and management of the lamps and lanterns of all kinds of public places, achieve the goal of saving energy and reducing consumption.