Describe the installation details of the wall switch socket in the bathroom.


Household appliances are increasing, and the number of wall switch outlets in the home grows. This article mainly introduces the details that we should pay attention to when installing wall switch socket in the bathroom. Warm reminder: because water is heavier in the bathroom, should choose to have waterproof cover to open the socket.

The electrical products in the bathroom should choose the quality better waterproof three hole wall switch socket. Use bath bully to keep warm, should install a pun in the entry place outside the toilet, a control bathroom dome light, a control bath bully. Choose quality and waterproof wall switch socket products as far as possible.

In the bathroom, the wall switch socket height and position: the dark load switch requires 1.2m-1.4m from the ground, the position of the switch is corresponding to the lamp position, and the switch height in the same room should be the same.

The connection of the switch socket to the power line: the wiring requirement of the single-phase binocular socket is: when the hole is aligned, it is \ "left zero right fire \", and the vertical alignment is \ "0 \";Single-phase three eye socket connection request is: the ground at the top of the hole must be with the ground wire connect tightly, socket, socket, it is worth noting that the zero line and protection of ground wire must not wrong, receive or receive as a whole.

The environment of the bathroom is extremely wet, attention is  ventilated moisture proof,  the door of the bathroom should keep open state. Wall switch socket should hold a distance with the bath area, even with waterproof cover, in humid environment, also can cause security hidden trouble.